Remote Job Offer: Graphic Designer and/or Video Editor and/or Content Director/Coordinator

We are seeking graphic designer and video editors to create and edit content on behalf of an assigned client roster.

Salary Up to $2000 USD depending on the experience / portfolio / level of English - 40 hours per week


Requirements For This Job Offer:

Fluent in English, both written and spoken.

 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is a full-time position.

Have an appealing portfolio of creative work

Stable internet, at least 30 mbps of download.

Excellent communication skills

Please provide us a phone number connected to Whatsapp. If you still don't use it, please get it, because this is the way we will contact you to connect you with the clients that might hire you.
I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.
How much experience do you have for this role?
How would you rate your Conversation English skills?
How would you rate your Written English skills?
We have clients located all over the world. Please check the inboxes of which timezones you are able to work in. (Reasearch each time, and compare to where you are currently living in. Do not mark all of them if you can not work in all timezones)
1 . Introduction: Introduce yourself with your full name and the position you're applying for. 2 . Professional Appearance: Dress appropriately for the position, presenting yourself in a polished and professional manner (as if you were dressed for an important interview at an office). 3. Clear Audio: Speak loudly and clearly, ensuring your voice is audible and free from background noise. 4. Good Lighting: Record your video in a well-lit environment to ensure your face is clearly visible. 5. Stable Camera: Use a stable surface or tripod to avoid shaky footage. 6. Engagement and Enthusiasm: Showcase your enthusiasm for the role and engage confidently with the camera. 7. Relevant Information: Share relevant details about your background, skills, and experiences that make you a strong candidate. 8. Conciseness: Keep your introduction concise, aiming for a duration of 5-8 minutes. 9. Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact with the camera to convey sincerity and confidence. 10. Authenticity: Be genuine in your presentation, avoiding sounding rehearsed or scripted. Don’t look like you are reading a text. 11. Language and Tone: Use professional language and an appropriate tone throughout your video. For sales and client-facing roles, be energetic and transmit the attitude you would have with those customers. 12. Closing Statement: Conclude with a brief summary of your interest in the position and why you believe you're a good fit.

Click on Submit to finish your application, if after clicking, you were taken to a confirmation page, it means your application has been submited successfuly. If the submit button is not activated, please go back one question and try again. If the issue persist, please try on another devise or browser.

Check a winning application video sample below


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